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Initiatives and Products


The Cloud Club “The World’s Biggest Stage”

5,000 members and counting, the Cloud Club is a public virtual learning community for students and teachers from around the world to publish innovative projects for education or entertainment.




Kinect Curriculum “Revolutionizing the way we learn”

Launching in 2013, the Kinect Curriculum is a suite of programs and lessons using the Kinect, 3D Printers, and other multi-media software to teach core curriculum to students. This mobile learning lab can be brought to any school.

Junior Institute of Technology “Revolutionizing the way we teach”

Inspired by the M.I.T media lab, the Junior Institute of Technology is a non-profit organization whose mission is to empower and inspire children through the use of technology and digital media. Using a unique model of corporate sponsors and public-private partnerships, J.I.T blends the latest inventions in technology with the latest research  to provide theoretical and hands on professional development for educators. Workshops can be held at the Center for Teaching Excellence at Brookdale Community College or at participating schools.