Creative Science Programs 

In some education and enrichment programs, it’s amazing how people can make the most exciting subjects like science and physics boring. Maybe that’s why our physics programs have kids making catapults instead of staring at books. At Black Rocket, we put kids into motion! Depending on your child, any or all of the programs may be appropriate. With its “you can make anything out of garbage” attitude, Junkyard Warriors is especially popular and it’s green!

Robotics Track

Flexible for students 7-13, the Robotics Track includes all of our robotics programs. Each class explores different aspects of robotic, electrical, and mechanical design. Depending on your child, any or all of the programs may be appropriate.
Droids & BotsRobo-mania!
Creative Design and RoboticsFor the young engineer!
Junkyard WarriorsGet your "Green" on!

Youth Video Game Track

Ideal for ages 7 - 11, the Youth Video Game Programs teach Game Design elements in a fun and safe environment. Perfect for the young gamers that want to turn their ideas into real games!
Make Your First Video GameOur most popular! Fills Fast!
Video Game AnimationCreate. Animate. PLAY!
LEGO GamesPerfect for LEGO and Video Game Lovers!
Video Game OdysseyFun for all abilities!

Young Adult Video Game Track

Perfect for ages 11-17. These programs are for students who want to focus on learning professional skills in game development. It is highly recommended that a student follow the progression of the program difficulty, as each program builds upon lessons learned in the past.
X-Games: The Ultimate Video Game ExperienceX-treme X-itement!
Three Dimensional Video Game AnimationPopular for gamers, designers, and artists!
Make Your First Video GameRegister early!
App AttackShow your APPtitude!
Three Dimensional Game DesignThe ultimate gaming experience!