Leadership Programs 

Today, many parents concern themselves with the world our children will face tomorrow.  In these programs, students prepare for the future by solving the problems of the present.  From nuclear proliferation to negotiating peace treaties with an imaginary alien race, participants have to use all of their personal and collaborative skills to find a solution. Since Socrates, children have  learned to problem solve by developing cognitive reasoning, peer collaboration, divergent thinking and deductive skills. While we love the latest technology, we believe some of the most successful learning techniques are timeless.  A lot of people tell us that’s very cool!

Group Leadership Track

With programs for both age groups of 7-10 and 11-13, the Group Leadership Track teaches the fundamentals of collaboration and decision making. All programs can be taken independently and teach different techniques and scenarios.
Empires & AliensDecision-making with a Sci-Fi twist!
Model United NationsStretch your mind!
Law & Order: Mock Trial EditionArgue or articulate: You be the judge!
Cyber SpiesJust Released!

Business Track

For young entrepreneurs, ages 11-17, interested in learning the business side of their favorite film, video game, or multimedia companies, the Business Track is the way to go! All business programs focus on different digital industries and can be taken independently, simultaneously, or whenever you want!
The Business of Video Games - Coming Soon!