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Because of the way Black Rocket launched, we’ve always gone to children’s communities rather than ask kids to come to us.

We seek community partners-often community colleges, public schools, parks and recs, private schools as well as other organizations-who allow us to offer world class experience at an affordable tuition.

If you would like to start a new program in your area, please contact:  

bill@blackrocket.tv or fill out our web form.


We believe that the most important component to learning is the interaction between students and teachers.  That’s why our programs boast a low teacher to student ratio.




A diverse range of physical facilities, now spanning across the US Eastern Seaboard, over to Europe in Germany, and of course in the cloud.



Black Rocket’s Cloud Club provides a safe, fun, learning community online to our 10,000 students, their friends, parents, grandparents and other family members so that everyone can share in the student’s passion for the Creative Sciences, Digital Arts or Leadership.

A collaborative “in residence” community where ideas are shared, executions exchanged, and children and instructors help one another.


What drives our partners to select Black Rocket over a competitor? As always, the people.