Our Approach.



Years ago, our very first program served as a proving ground for our beliefs, systems, principles, and practices. Today, no one has learned more than us.

First, we’re committed to your child’s safety and physical, mental, and emotional well being-above all. We believe if children are having fun, they’re more interested in what they’re doing- and they learn more.

We believe that fostering a child’s creativity and divergent thinking using cutting edge technology allows each child to innovate, collaborate, and solve problems-problems of today and tomorrow. ¬†Our combination of utilizing the latest technology with timeless teaching techniques provides your child with a world class learning experience.

A lot about Black Rocket has changed over the years. But, the core concept of:


remains the simple pillars of everything we do. On the surface it may sound simplistic, yet in practice it is most complex. It is truly what separates the Black Rocket experience for children, their parents, and ultimately in the end our partners.