We’re Parents Too.


A few years ago, Bill gave his then pre-teen daughter, Sarah, a special video camera for her birthday. Like many gifts, it could have been forgotten. He showed Sarah and her friend, Addie, how to use it and what it could do. Addie’s Mom heard about it. She owned a local store-front art school for kids and asked him to teach kids how to make a short movie.

He agreed. Bill then went on to pour twenty years of award-winning national and international commercial film writing and production experience into this new project.

Sarah's First Movie
That first Saturday morning, when Bill fired up the borrowed laptop and projector, there were just four students. We don’t know who was more excited – the kids or him. That was just the beginning…

The following year, Richard experienced the excitement and joined the company. As the Teacher of the Year at the #1 high school in the country and a seasoned administrator, Richard brought us the academic credentials to equal our subject matter expertise.

If you were wondering what ever became of Sarah our co-founder, she’s now a teacher in many of our classes… -Bill & Rich

Serving over 10,000 kids, no one learned more… than us!